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Number of our office in Canada : (819) - 593 - 0785

Number of our office is Congo (DRC) 243 896051739



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Long-lasting enjoyment will result from helping others without expecting anything in return.


Christine Mbona Kuete, our organization's founder, came up with the concept for it. With all of the poverty and misery that some people there endure, she wanted to establish something wonderful to help the people of Congo. She didn't like the idea that the congolese government was doing nothing to help the orphans, widows, and even the homeless people, who are also humans and require that assistance. Our hearts were wounded by this. She had the wonderful idea to attempt to transform the nation and perhaps the entire world.

She started the organization in her home Congo, where she is from, and she now wants to bring it to Canada as well. She has since wanted to grow her idea abroad and help as many people as she can, and with God's help, she will be able to do this.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our goal is to assist young people in developing into better people through culture, with a special focus on offering aid to the needy homeless, widows, and orphans.

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Our Vision

Our mission is to ensure that our culture is not lost among our kids, to keep them out of illegal activities, to help them grow into better people, which is why our organization's name is "Chrispa C'est encore possible, which translates to "it is still possible."" We also have a number of aims for assisting those in need, like giving education to children who don't receive it and providing food for people in need.

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